Writing: Show Not Tell –The Story of Slog

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Writing: Show Not Tell –The Story of Slog

Postby greenway » Sat Jul 09, 2016 3:57 am

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Show Not Tell — The Story of Slog This is the story of Slog. Everybody knows slog, he hangs out in newspaper articles and text books, he's like that gum stuck to your shoe and twice as sticky. He's the nuisance that writers can't live without but often overdose on. Slog is the narrative killer, the tension abator, that big blot in the road that wakes you up on a dark night. Slog has another name, one you might have heard of… exposition. You've all heard the writing paradigm: Show Not Tell. Narrative is showing. Telling is Slog (exposition). Slog isn't exactly ...
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