Covers of the Ring Realms and delays on the latest books.

All cover art courtesy and copyright of Gina Shellie, Writer’s Exchange, and Will Greenway.

Cover Art by Gina Shellie.  Deviant Art Gallery
Books available at Writer’s Exchange and (c)

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If you’ve ever written a book, you know how hard it is. If you’ve published a book, then you know finishing a book is barely half the battle.  Then there’s writing a series, or for the truly masochistic, there’s writing four series, working full time, editing, workshopping and maintaining multiple websites. Yes, Will Greenway, is crazy.  He is I, or I am him, and feeling a bit schizophrenic after writing that last sentence. 

Anyways, a little over a year ago, the publisher of my books, Writer’s Exchange got a take down request for one of the books because the artist recognized that I had used part of one of their images in one of my composite covers.  One has to understand, I can write, I can draw too… but not nearly as well.  I am very proficient in Photoshop though.  The free cover art I had been commissioning for the books just wasn’t floating my boat, so in an effort to make them better I made my own.  They were lots better than the previous covers, but that infringing thing (regardless of how empty and petty it was) would not go away.  So, the editor, pulled ALL of my works.  This sucked but I couldn’t blame her and didn’t want her entangled in some silly lawsuit on the off-chance the offended party decided to go for it.

The search for a REAL artist was painful.  My experiences after getting an artist were excruciating.  Leave it said that lessons were learned and not the easy way.  Ultimately, I wound up with Gina Shellie and she has done some brilliant work for the books.   

The upshot of all this is that my newest works, even though they are complete, have not been released pending the new covers being executed.  I apologize to those waiting on Aesir’s Blood and other things I am doing.  It’s not my fault!  (Well, kinda not my fault.)  At any rate, I have an artist, and she’s done right by me, and I totally appreciate her work.  I look forward to the 4 more covers we need to get all the books rebadged!

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