San Diego International Comic-Con 2015 — Day 1


San Diego International Comic-Con Day 1

So, day 1 has come and gone. We ended the day with Ric Meyers Super hero Kung Fu Extravaganza, which is always entertaining. This year’s entertainment was good fair, though I think the segment I liked best was Eric Jacobus’ Rope-a-dope 2. This and the short film before it (Rope a dope) is a cross between Ground-hog Day and a Jackie Chan stunt flick. There is no dialogue and I think both shorts are stronger for it. If you like martial arts stuff these are worth watching, they are both funny and amazing for stunts and choreography.

Rope a Dope
Rope a Dope 2

This year, my wife and I took it really slow. So, our panel visits and overall pace was really tame. Not a whole lot to personally report. I didn’t get a single good picture. I will try to do better tomorrow. I understand a lot of interesting stuff actually happened today. Bill Murray made a first time appearance at Con, and Joss Whedon took a verbal shot at Donald Trump (the two things I heard about).

More and better tomorrow.

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