San Diego International Comic-Con 2015 — DAY 4

Last Day of Con

Last Day of Con

SDCC Day 4

We’ve arrived at the last day of Comic Con 2015. A bunch of things have happened. A rare first like all of Hall H being treated to a concert at the stage behind the convention center.


This is the first time in memory that such support and appreciation for the fans that waited in line an excess of 24 hours has ever been shown.

On a more notorious note the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer was leaked to the internet causing quite a stink.

For my own part, we ambled into the last day and took our time. We saw the cartoon voices panel. Thanks to my cousin LaRae, she got a great seat and made video of the whole thing.

The rest of the time we spent walking the floor and checking out the bewildering number of booths and attractions. There was so much that by the end it had all blurred together. None of it ended up standing out for me.

Now, at the end, even though we barely experienced 1% of what con had to offer, we will go again. That is assuming that our planning cabal can again score passes.

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